Barkley Bone – Cubbies Harlequin Dog Teddy


A Cubbies personalised teddy bear sensory toy will be cherished for life.

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Barkley Bone the Dog teddy bear is embroidered with a custom design. Choose from a variety of colours and fonts to create the perfect gift.

Begin customising this incredible dog teddy by selecting from one of our themed templates and replacing the existing information with your own details, name or message.

This means that, whether Barkley Bone is simply being bought for a dog lover or a specific event such as a birthday or christening, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on its new owner and be cherished for years.

All teddies have been designed with a zip that can be used to remove each toy’s stuffing pods and place the teddy in the wash.  This means that, no matter how many times this soft toy is washed, it will not become misshapen over time.

A dog teddy bear with a custom embroidery design.  Barkley Bone is a custom dog teddy bear personalised by you. Designed in-house by the Cubbies creative team, its unique appearance includes the classic Cubbies signature design.

Barkley Bone has a corduroy blue body, decorated, patterned ears, arms and feet and black eyes.

High-quality dog teddy baby sensory toy.  The soft sensory dog teddy is one of a large range of sensory toys for babies.

Our sensory toys for babies will help stimulate your little one’s early development with a personalised touch.

Each toy is embroidered with a customisable design, personalised by you.

Size 13″ height


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